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A “custom wheel” is a wheel that has been modified according to user preference. These wheels deviate from the vehicle manufacturer standard. The optimization is done as the owner looks for a specific experience from the car. This might be visual appeal, or a higher level of performance. Modifications differ based on these categories.

So what is the best way to choose custom wheels for your car? These are three of the most significant factors you need to keep in mind:

  • Wheel Size

This is one area where size really does matter. Radically bigger wheel size can put undue stress on the brakes, which now have to stop a much larger mass with the same amount of power as before. Steering abilities of your car might be affected as well. On the other hand, wheels that are too small might cause the car to sit too close to the ground, risking damages to the underside, even if smaller rims do help to reduce the overall unsprung weight of the car, thus enhancing performance. In fact, this is such a serious consideration that if you make drastic alterations above and beyond the recommended kumho tyres size given in the manufacturer’s specifications, you might end up voiding your warranty! So make a careful decision by balancing all factors when choosing the size of your custom wheel.

  • Wheel Offset and Centricity

It is important to use rims whose lug nut holes match with your hub’s, to ensure that the offset is preserved. The bolt pattern must be similarly paired. The tyre aspect ratio, or the ratio of the height of the tyre to its width, must be maintained when the rims are being altered. The added stress on the tyres can then be minimized.

  • Wheel Type

And finally, should you go for alloy wheels, or steel rims? Wider rims, or narrower ones? These depend on your usage. For example, sturdy metal rims are inexpensive, albeit somewhat ugly workhorses: they provide strength and are best used for heavy work, or rough-terrain drives. On the other hand, lightweight alloys help increase speed, agility and comfort, while reducing weight and preventing overheating of tyres: a definite plus for those interested in racing, or for those who regularly travel in the maddeningly abrupt stops and starts of urban traffic. Such usage considerations should be accounted for while making a decision. Do yourself a favor, always shop around first to get the best wheels and pirelli tyres australia before buying, many little quality tyre stores run cool special online so be sure to ask around and browse the store for deals before buying.

So there you are- a miniature crash course on the basics of custom wheels, and how to choose them. We hope this article helps!